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Sciatica is a shooting pain anywhere along the sciatic nerve; from the lower back, through the buttock, and down the back of either leg. Pain may be associated with a body tilt or rotation and movement will usually increase the pain.

Sciatica is commonly caused by inflammation of the facet joints or the vertebral disc. Most acute cases of sciatica are an exacerbation of a chronic condition; however, a sudden onset of sciatic pain without a history of trauma can also occur. Sciatica may be associated with poor posture, trauma, joint misalignment, or weakness of the lumbar stabilizing musculature.


At your initial visit to Core Chiropractic, your Flower Mound Chiropractor, we will perform a full case history and clinical examination. This examination will include orthopedic, neurological, and biomechanical evaluation.

In some cases it may be necessary to request a diagnostic examination to evaluate the joint, disc or soft tissue. Radiographs or MRI may be included in your evaluation. If radiating symptoms are present, nerve conduction and needle electromyography will be considered.


We will start by treating the inflammation with therapeutic modalities. Treatment at Core Chiropractic, your Flower Mound Chiropractor will consist of conservative means, such as cryotherapy (ice) and various types of electric therapy to control and contain the inflammation.

Next we will work on restoration of normal joint motion by mobilizing the restricted lumbar facet joints if necessary. Dr. Brown will use Chiropractic manipulations to reestablish appropriate joint motion, and if needed myofascial release.

As proper alignment and joint motion is achieved, a very specific, focused lumbar spine stabilization program will be employed to ensure muscle balance and appropriate posture.

Once the treatment plan is completed, these exercises must be continued to maintain strength and flexibility and promote optimal joint function.


Waiting to receive treatment, or not completing an active treatment plan may lead to neurological symptoms. This can then require a surgical intervention. However, prognosis is good to excellent for recovery in first time cases, if therapy is strictly adhered to, and normal joint function is restored. Chronic cases have an increased chance of re-occurrence due to long standing joint and soft tissue change, but can usually be managed with conservative care.

At Core Chiropractic, your Flower Mound Chiropractor, our goal is to not only decrease your pain, but improve your functionality and quality of life. As such, throughout the course of your treatment we will encourage active participation in your treatment and foster positive lifestyle habits to enhance your total experience. We look forward to working with you!