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Cervicalgia is neck pain, stiffness, tightness, or soreness from the base of the skull to the bottom of the neck. This pain may also radiate to the upper back, and can also travel between the shoulder blades.  Additionally, neck movements, or tilting or rotating your head, can also increase the pain.

Neck pain is commonly caused by inflammation of the facet joints or the vertebral disc. Most acute cases of neck pain are flared up by a chronic condition; however, sudden onset of neck pain without a history of trauma is also common. Neck pain may also be caused with poor posture, trauma, joint misalignment, or weakness of the neck muscles.

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At your first visit to Core Chiropractic, your Flower Mound Chiropractor we will perform a full case history and examination. 

In some cases it may be necessary to request a diagnostic examination to evaluate the joint, disc or soft tissue. X-Rays or MRI may also be recommended. If radiating symptoms are present, nerve conduction and needle electromyography will be considered.


Your Road to Wellness:

Treatment at your Flower Mound Chiropractor will consist of conservative means. We will start by treating the inflammation with therapy, which might include ice, heat, and various types of electric therapy. These therapies aim to control and contain the inflammation.

Next, we will work on restoring the normal joint motion. If necessary, Dr. Brown will use Chiropractic manipulations to reestablish appropriate joint motion.

As proper alignment and joint motion is achieved, a very focused stabilization program will be employed to ensure muscle balance and appropriate posture.

Finally, once the treatment plan is completed, recommended exercises will be continued to maintain strength and flexibility and promote optimal joint function.


Long term prognosis:

If you wait to receive treatment, or if you do not complete an active treatment plan, you may eventually experience neurological symptoms. If left untreated this can require surgical intervention. However, prognosis is good for recovery in first time cases, if therapy is strictly adhered to, and if normal joint function is restored. Chronic cases have an increased chance of re-occurrence due to long standing joint and soft tissue change, but can usually be managed with conservative care.

At Core Chiropractic, our goal is to not only decrease your pain, but also to improve your functionality and quality of life. As such, throughout the course of your treatment we will encourage you to actively participate in your treatment. We stive to foster positive lifestyle habits to enhance your total experience.

We look forward to working with you!